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Kylie Heslop

Tattoo - Airbrush - Visual Art

Currently working at 

Chris Cashmore's Tattoo Power

shop 6, Mitchell Retail Centre

43 Brookes Street


Photo 29-8-20, 9 50 29 pm Photo 29-8-20, 9 50 16 pm

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2012-12-18 13.37.57 2012-12-18 13.37.14

Imre's Shadow - A tribute bike


To the far left is the original photo used as the reference for the portrait,


this was a very special project and everyone is thrilled with the results.  


Now a family heir-loom

KHP_0381 double portrait stacey and husband ready for uploa P7030388

This double portrait on canvas was commissioned by the subject after their favourite photo had beed damaged and worn.


Such a happy loving couple,


In this portrait my main aim was to keep the character and focus drawn to the eyes.  This is helped by softening the contrast in other areas.

the original reference photo

IMG_0681 Art Gone Wild (3) marilyn cropped marilyn adjusted close up good picture

Ive loved Marilyn Munroe since my teenage years, since coming across 'The Seven Year Itch' on a Midday Movie at home sick one day.  I became fascinated with her and other actresses of the same era.  Im not suprised she has become so popular in recent years.  


This painting was donated to the Pambula Community Bike Show Auction to raise money for Breast Cancer


This classic image of Marilyn was painted under the bonnet (hood) of a '55 Chevy as if the blower is blowing her dress up

Double Portrait on Canvas

august 09 038 cropped and resized

This is an early portrait of my daughter, painted when beginning to use an airbrush.

This Won 'Best In Show' at the Queanbeyan Art Society's exhibition in January 2009

april 2010 178

Painted onto Canvas for an 80th birthday gift

070 731 Art Gone Wild (5)elvis cropped august 09 052 febuary 2012 002 portrait of hannah cropped large size second double portrait

Full Colour Portrait painted onto canvas.

Comissioned by another artist to remember her late husband

400mm x 500mm

A dear friend painted onto a large canvas

800mm x 1000mm

Comissioned double portrait,

Black & White with a blue tone painted onto canvas.


two separate photos were used as reference for this painting


500mm x 800mm

Full Colour Portrait painted onto canvas,


400mm x 500mm

Commissioned Sepia toned black & white portrait


Blue toned black & white painted onto a board



'James Dean'

Black & White painted onto a board with a slight blue tone



You can commission Kylie to paint a portrait for you,  all you need is a photo.  


Your portrait will be painted onto  a quality stretched canvas ready to hang in your home.  

Other options are available such as timber board or metal panel, and would need to be framed.


The best results for a portrait come from having a good quality photo for reference,  however lesser quality photos can still be used and still produce great results.  

Many portraits are comissioned as the subject has passed and the client only has a few favourite old photos.  These photos are then used for reference as Kylie turns them  into a beautiful portrait.


Kylie has painted portraits for people in other towns and states, if you live in another town it is still possible to have a portrait commissioned.  Reference photos are emailed to Kylie and your portrait  can easily be posted to you.  


Working from photographs taken by Kylie or someone else. Prefering (if possible) to meet the subject in person, however a good descripton of their personality and a group of photographs for reference may be sufficient. Particually if the subject has passed, or if it is a gift/suprise for the subject.


Kylie says "it is all in the eyes, and through the eyes you can see into someones soul.  I can feel their expression and their energy.  Possibly only an artist would understand this experience.  I feel as though I really get to know someone when painting their portrait, a real understanding of who they are and what they are about.  This is what I love about painting portraits, and it shows through in the finished piece."  


 Past family members will be 'brought back to life'

parents,  grand parents,  great grand parents.


 With an old photo Kylie can paint a portrait  of your treasured loved one as if

 they were here with us today.  

Particularly great for damaged old photos such as military photos.  







002 007 jan 2010 161

Blue toned Black & White painted onto board.

Magazine model study


Commissioned Black & White with a slight blue tone painted onto canvas


Comissioned Full Colour Portrait painted onto canvas.


Full Colour Painted onto a timber board

Magazine model study

Kylie is currently UNAVAILABLE

to do any comission airbrush work