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Canberra, Australia



Kylie Heslop

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If you have looked through the tattoo galleries and would like to book in for your own piece of art, the following is a helpful guide for you.


Firstly make sure you are familiar with the style of work that Kylie does,  

this includes the following



Black & Grey


Watercolour Style




Artistic Style



Kylie does Not do Mandala or Geometric style tattoos


Kylie WILL NOT COPY any tattoos or artwork produced by another artist unless with full permission from the original artist or If it is a tribute to the original artist.


Send an email to

or message through the contact page,

include your ideas/ reference images


Write a SHORT description of what you would like to get done

include the area you want to get tattooed eg. left upper arm

include roughly the size

include if you are wanting black and grey or colour

Include if you have any Scars or other tattoos in the area


Please find reference image/s as a guide for the IDEA that you like,


Booking a Tattoo with Kylie