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Kylie Heslop

Tattoo - Airbrush - Visual Art

Currently working at 

Chris Cashmore's Tattoo Power

shop 6, Mitchell Retail Centre

43 Brookes Street


Photo 29-8-20, 9 50 29 pm Photo 29-8-20, 9 50 16 pm

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Custom art - The art of painting pictures and graphics onto cars, bikes, helmets, skateboards, surfboards etc.  and just like all art it differs greatley from artist to artist


Compare the work, see the difference and decide for yourself


Original designs are Kylie's speciality and you can trust her to work with you from start to finish

concept, design, colours, layout

You wont get it back until you are happy...And we have never had an unhappy client


As Kylie is an Airbrush Artist, she will not respray your motorbikes or car parts.  All base work and finish clear coating will be done by a qualified spray painter in a spray shop.  You can organise this yourself or Kylie can recommend a shop for you.   This also means you will be getting a completely professional finished bike or car and not a 'backyardy'.  Kylie can however do this for helmets and smaller pieces and will be included in the price quoted.  


For the best results Kylie will need maximum creative control.   It is best if you can find some images of stuff you like and a basic idea.  You can then leave it in Kylie's hands and she will do the rest.  


Kylie will not copy another artwork or airbrush design.  


Designs will not be drawn up until a deposit is paid, however she is more then happy to discuss ideas and answer any questions.

Monotone design (one colour with various tones)




Kylie is currently UNAVAILABLE to do any comission airbrush work