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Kylie Heslop

Tattoo - Airbrush - Visual Art

Currently working at 

Chris Cashmore's Tattoo Power

shop 6, Mitchell Retail Centre

43 Brookes Street


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Kylie grew up painting alongside her mother who is a well respected Canberra artist.  Starting with a background in Traditional Fine Art, moving into Airbrush Art including custom murals onto cars and motorbikes.  Now delving into the wonderful world of Tattooing.  


Specialising in the Airbrush Medium,  you can now find Kylie's artwork in homes from Darwin to Melbourne, and many places in-between.   Once viewed you will understand why her work has become so popular, and won many awards in both the airbrush and the fine arts fields.  


Currently Kylie paints the majority of her artworks using an airbrush, she does however enjoy to experiment by combining this tool with the use of paintbrushes, pallette knives, rollers, pencils and pastels. Depending on the artwork itself,   she varies her surfaces by changing between canvas, board and metal. Also stating that each gives a totally different look and feel to the painting process and finished result.  


Kylie's capabilities with the airbrush and eagerness to apply her art to livable items led her into the custom painting world of airbrushing cars and motorbikes.  She says: "it is very time consuming and hard work, but I enjoy working with my clients". Combining their ideas with hers to create some really 'cool' art.   She says working on cars and bikes has really let her imagination run wild, bringing out her fantasy work, something that when she was younger could never of imagined she could do. "I love the mystery in fantasy, how anything is possible.  I love the darker side of the art, and the story it can tell.  I love to make my imagination come to life by applying my realisim techniques.  It's not something I can easily expalin as it just happens".   


When working with cars and bikes Kylie says she wants to create more then just 'custom' paint as she wants to create pure artwork.  "I want to create something original that the viewer will remember".


"I am amazed over and over again by the joy that my art brings to the clients I have worked with, I love to personalise the artwork to the owners and they really love it.   From a small job to a large job, I strive to always push the boundries and continue to improve and produce superior quality work, this is the only way I can continue to grow as an artist".


Its in her blood  


From the age of three Kylie has had a strong interest and fascination in art, drawing or painting whenever time allowed her.  Growing up with her mother who is also an artist meant she was able to access all types of mediums from a very young age.  Learning and playing with paints whilst observing the processes of her mother.  Often they would go into the bush or a friends property for a day of exploring, painting, and discovering.  This is when she discovered a love of the Australian bush and wildlife.  


Throughout her school years Kylie excelled in Art, receiving the top marks in her year 10 and a Certificate of Excellence at Graduation.   This continued into the senior years of High School, majoring in Art and again receiving top grades.  Kylie also received a college wide 'Student of the Month' Award for her self portrait.  


Once schooling had finished Kylie moved to Melbourne for a couple years, returning to Canberra to receive a Diploma in Beauty Therapy,  she then moved to Sydney for a few years.   During this time her art was set aside, only drawing and painting occasionally.  


Now a mother of three and settled in the small country town of Bungendore NSW.  Kylie again focused on her art by using it as 'sanity time' or 'me time' to have an ocasional break from the daily grind of motherhood.  As the children grew so did her art, she began to exhibit at her local Art Society in Queanbeyan NSW.  This is were she won her first art prize, 'Best Drawing' followed by 'Best Acrylic' and again 'Best Acrylic'.  This gave a large boost of confidence and encouragement to continue exhibiting.  


Having always had an interest in Airbrushing, it was during this time Kylie purchased her first airbrush.  After many failed attempts at using this new tool she decided to enrol in a local Airbrush School.  This proved to be the start of a whole new art experience for Kylie, gaining the technical knowlege needed to use an Airbrush.  From this point Kylie has lived and breathed airbrushing, incorporating it into her artwork by combining it with her brush/pallete knife techniques.  She also began using the Airbrush as a tool to produce whole works of art,  Experimenting with new surfaces and beginning to work on metal.   It is through this dedication to experiment and desire to continue learning, which has created her 'style' she is now recognised for.  







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Kylie is a Tattoo Artist and Airbrush Artist currently based in Canberra, Australia.  


She is well known for her Airbrush Art including Murals painted onto Motorbikes and Cars, and also Fine Art for Exhibition with over 10 years Airbrushing experience.


In January 2015 Kylie began her new career in the world of Tattooing at the studio 'Tatts on Tatts off' Gungahlin, ACT  and has not looked back, transferring her artistic skills into the new medium

A new love and passion has developed and exciting times are ahead


Early 2019 was time for a change, Kylie joined the crew with

Chris Cashmore at Tattoo Power in North Lyneham, Canberra and is now

working at Tattoo Powers brand new studio in Mitchell, Canberra.


Kylie enjoys Designing/ Tattooing in the following styles  




Black & Grey








Animals / Wildlife




Kylie DOES NOT do any Geometric or line work style tattoos